Classy Desert Yorkies

Zane's Yorkies                                                                       Hamilton, MT

Pedigree's available upon request.




Zara is a light golden (blond) Parti color. She is the Daughter of my dog Zoey sired by Widget. She is also the only golden parti ever to be sired by Widget.

 Zara weighs 5 lbs 





Chloe is Chocolate that is a Parti sired . We are really excited to have her join or family of yorkies. 

Chloe weighs 5.5 lbs.




Rogue is the Daughter of Frosty and Bandit. Bandit carries the genes to produce light gold and light gold parti puppies.


Cinnamon is a Golden Yorkie female that carries the parti gene. She is the daughter of Lillee and Dusty.


Lucy is a light golden parti color. She is the Daughter of Wubbzy and Dusty and the granddaughter of Zoey.



This is my new Chocolate and Parti carrier. He is named after our fathers very first Yorkie.

He weighs 3 lbs 6 oz



Ducky is a baby faced 4.5 lb parti carrier male out of Widget and Snowflake.





Ducky is now available for stud services in the Phoenix area


Bandit is our only parti male. Bandit is the son of Socks and Widget. He is almost completely white with the exception of his left eye and some color on both ears.

This little guy weighs just 3 lbs 15 oz. He has a very short body just like his dad.

He is also unique in that he is not closely related to the Nikko line from CA. If fact we have not been able to find any Nikko dogs in his pedigree.

He is available for stud service now


Charlie is the son of Chloe and our Golden Parti Dusty. He is a carrier for Gold, Chocolate and Parti.  




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