Classy Desert Yorkies

Welcome to Classy Desert Yorkies and Golden Parti Yorkies                  Hamilton, MT and Phoenix / Tucson, AZ 


Classy Desert Yorkies is dedicated to breeding and raising quality Yorkshire Terriers.  We are a family that works together to constantly improve the quality and beauty of our dogs. All of our puppies are raised in our homes and are cherished members of the family.

In 1987, our father introduced us to these popular little dogs. He began raising them and sharing them with lucky family and friends in Montana.  In March of 2006, he passed away unexpectedly and his 3 Yorkies were adopted into our family. We quickly grew attached to these little guys and there has not been a day since that we have not had several in our homes.

We started with Standard Yorkies and have added Parti Yorkies and Golden Yorkies, as well as Golden Parti Yorkies to our family.  Our newest additien is Chocolate  and chocolate parti Yorkies. We are currently taking requests for Parti, Golden Parti and Chocolate Parti Yorkies.

All of our dogs are AKC registered Yorkshire Terriers and DNA'd for parentage according to the rules and requirements of the American Kennel Club. We guarantee our dogs under any DNA test used or sanctioned by the AKC

Our goal is to breed dogs that are properly socialized, healthy and free from any inherited defects, so they will provide you years of companionship.   

We offer stud services as well as yorkie puppies for sale.